The 3 Business Models of Franchise Broker Networks

In the franchise broker industry there are 3 types of franchise broker networks. The broker mills, the franchise systems and then us (the hybrid). The Broker Mill The broker mills have little to no infrastructure or foundation.  They have a record of changing their name and ownership every 3 or so years.  The bulk of […]

Frequently Asked Questions


HOW MANY FRANCHISES CAN I EXPECT TO SELL IN A YEAR? We do not offer earnings claims because we do not control the broker’s independent business. We also do not collect each broker’s financial statements. However, we can give you some public industry information about the business. We will support you in any goal you […]

FBA/ FTI relationship

Franchise Training Institute The Franchise Training Institute (FTI) is an affiliate of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), a nationally recognized franchise training and resource company. FTI provides all business start-up services to someone who is not in the franchise broker business but wants to be. FTI is a low-cost business opportunity that will guide you […]

Our Story

Franchise Brokers Association CEO Sabrina Wall

A letter from the founder of FBA & FTI Long ago, when I was looking for a franchise to purchase, I came across the opportunity to become a Franchise Broker. I had never heard of a Franchise Broker or Consultant before so I was intrigued by the profession. I enjoyed looking for franchises to buy […]

What services does Franchise Training Institute provide?

The Franchise Training Institute is a Federally Registered Business Opportunity. That means we help people get into business for themselves who were not already in the franchise brokering business. We give them set up services so that their business can be a turnkey operation. They get most things they would need to get the business […]

Franchise Broker Industry vs Real Estate Broker Industry

franchise brokering is similar to real estate

There is a saying, “green is the new black” when referring to something that’s “in”, “hip”, or “on trend”. In fashion, it means that while black was once a staple of one’s wardrobe, green is the new staple. When referring to businesses and investing, a “Franchise Broker” is the new “Real Estate Broker” and “Franchise […]

Who is Franchise Training Institutes Competition?

franchise broker competition

The Current and Past Options: Franchise brokerage started around 1987 as a resource for individuals to help find the “right” franchise opportunity. Since then there has been a variety of technological and other innovations that now offer individuals interested in becoming a franchise broker more choices. The competition and/or choices focus on primarily three options. […]

What Services Does a Franchise Broker Provide?

What Services Does a Franchise Broker Provide? QUALIFYING During the qualifying process, a franchise broker would work with a buyer to see if they are right for franchising in general and if so, what franchises they have the option of moving forward with. FRANCHISE RESEARCH The franchise broker will listen to the buyer’s wants and […]