What services does Franchise Training Institute provide?

The Franchise Training Institute is a Federally Registered Business Opportunity. That means we help people get into business for themselves who were not already in the franchise brokering business. We give them set up services so that their business can be a turnkey operation. They get most things they would need to get the business going. We provide on-going services through our affiliate company, the Franchise Brokers Association.

The Following Story will Depict What to Expect from FTI

Imagine for a moment that you decided to join our group and become a franchise broker. You have passed the approval process and have been invited to join.

You have the talent and the skills to do this so you are pretty excited about the opportunity but somewhat frightened at the same time. This is uncharted territory for you and you want to make sure you get started on the right foot. You are hardworking and know that you could do really well at this business.

You want to make a checklist of what is going to happen along the way so you are prepared. You open your computer and begin to type.

  1. Get trained
  2. Have my website professionally designed
  3. Register my business with the state


Suddenly a notification pops up on your computer that you have an email from Wanda at the Franchise Training Institute. You click “open” and are pleasantly surprised by the email. It has a checklist of action items including all your business set-up, pre-training, design packages to review, etc. You are relieved that the information is so well organized and thorough. It gives you a sense of relief. She also sends you your travel information with full details of everything to expect. There is no guessing.


As you are packing your bags for the trip, you receive a call from the car service. They let you know they will meet you at the gate. You will know it is them because they will be holding a sign with your name on it. They will get your bags and take you to the town car when you arrive. Feeling a little pampered you make your way to the airport.

The flight was pretty smooth. You were able to relax for a while. As the plane lands, you gather your things and head to the baggage claim. A nicely dressed gentlemen recognize you as you noticed your name on his sign. He ushers over to assist you. The travel to the hotel is brief. It’s a beautiful hotel. You check in and as soon as you get inside your room and get cozy, you fall asleep.


The next morning you grab a hot breakfast on the way down to the shuttle. You meet several other trainees and you exchange pleasantries. They are equally excited about the opportunity and are looking forward to what they are going to learn. The shuttle was pleasant and short.

When you arrive at the office you are greeted by a wonderful team of people who are friendly and genuinely concerned about your comfort level, how your experience has been so far and what your needs are during class. They accommodate your requests and class begins. You start the class and immediately you are proud that you made the choice you did. The information is refined, organized, easy to understand, and incredibly powerful. You feel supercharged just by being there.

By the end of the third day, you have made some great connections, you have a good idea of how this business works and you are a bit overloaded with information. There was so much information! You are definitely getting a franchise education.

You have practiced, learned your back office systems and been quizzed so you feel confident that you will be able to find the information when you need it. You are thankful that you have a broker relations manager as your lifeline in case you forget.


During your travel back home, you recall what the trainer said as you left, “this is just the beginning of your training”. You have a follow-up series of classes, homework, many weekly trainings and a lot of recorded webinars to learn from. After all, you want to be a franchise expert and do the best job for your buyers. You have the tools and the franchise trainings at your fingertips. Now, it’s just a matter of continuing to learn and adding to your knowledge. You like that the post-training is customized to your needs and it’s private so you have the space to make mistakes, ask the silly questions and really learn.

When you start working with candidates who inquired about a franchise, you are grateful that you have the mentor team, the broker relations manager and the leaders of FTI to call on. They are very responsive and get your answers quickly. It doesn’t take long before you realize how important that is.

You’ve practiced, trained, studied and gone through an extensive post franchise training program. You feel confident during your calls with prospects because you are prepared. You’ve overcome your initial hesitation in starting and you are on your way to succeeding.

Your calls go smoothly. You are able to educate the buyers and earn their respect. You are encouraged that you are already getting traction, responses and momentum. This was a good decision and you really enjoy what you do.

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