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You want a business with financial opportunity, prestige and flexibility. With a lifetime of business experience, you are ready for the next chapter in your life. But if you are going to guide others to purchase a franchise you need to know what you are doing. Franchise salespeople who don't take the time to learn, can cause great harm to their clients' lives.

The Franchise Training Institute (FTI) is the only group that combines real-world education and a detailed franchise inspection process. Our system allows for the opportunity to ramp up quickly, build an equitable business, and start selling franchises you can be confident in.

Learn from our experts

Turn-Key Program

Franchise sales can be confusing. You need a solid foundation in order to do this business well -and to get started quickly.

Connect People with Franchises

Learn how to spot the winning and losing franchises. This is a big investment for your clients- You need to get it right.

Sell GOOD franchises

No Territories or Commission Splits

Imagine the thrill you'll get when you match your client with the ideal franchise- and can prove it. Over and over.


Do you want more for your life?

Do you have valuable business knowledge?

Do you want the opportunity to change your financial future?

Do you feel like you're running out of time?

Does business excite and motivate you?

Are you tired of working more than you are living?

Is doing something with purpose the only option for you?

Follow this plan to get started...

Interview with us


Not everyone is a good fit for this business. We want to know early on if you are. We expect you to interview us too, so bring your questions.

Attend FTI training

Train with expert coaches on actual clients so you have a realistic  experience of the day-to-day in this business.

Launch your business

After training, you'll be prepared to begin talking with clients and introducing them to franchises. You will be ready to grow your business.


"I love my clients and I love this business. I was able to hit my first two deals in six months - and then had a bonus of two more immediately following."

- Corey Elias, Franchise Broker


Your clients are anyone who wants to own a business

How are Franchise Brokers paid?

  • When your clients purchase a franchise,  you earn on average 50% of the total franchise fee.

  • The average franchise fee is $44,000 as of 2021.* 

*Source: Vetted Biz

What types of franchises are there?

  • Franchises are not just retail - All types of businesses are available in a variety of industries.

  • Our portfolio of franchises have opportunities with  investments starting from $50,000 to  over a million dollars.

You have hundreds of franchises to represent and sell


"I’ve been in this business a long time, after going through the FTI training I did over 1.2 million in franchise sales.  It was my best year ever." 

- Adrienne Leigh, Franchise Broker

What does an FTI Franchise Broker do?

Navigate people to opportunity


Franchise Brokers guide their clients through the complex world of franchises. They serve as an advocate through the whole process to assist their clients in making a positive investment.

Give clients answers to their looming questions

Clients can not find this information on their own.   Our information is not available to the consumer market.  

Each franchise in our system is carefully analyzed and summarized. This allows our Brokers to be confident in what they are selling and perform their research quickly.

Protects their clients and sells ethically


FTI is the only broker group that puts proper focus on a complete franchise education and analyzing the franchises we represent. 

You don't want to hurt others by selling bad franchises.  People shouldn't have to waste their life savings because a sales person was irresponsible in the sales process. 


"Franchise experts say there are many other ways a prospective franchisee can find a good broker...The simplest way is to find one who is certified by the Franchise Brokers Association." (Affiliate company of FTI)

- Entrepreneur Magazine

There are two paths to enter this business

Become a Franchise Agent

  • Sells franchises under the support and leadership of a FTI Franchise Broker
  • Get the essential training to get started quickly
  • Access to the full (FLS) Franchise Listing Service & contracts
  • Access to weekly on-going mentoring programs
  • Access to Intl. Annual Conference & Franchise Expo in Orlando, FL

Sell franchises and be paired with a successful Franchise Broker.

Become a Franchise Broker

  • Helps clients effectively purchase ideal franchises
  • Builds their team of Franchise Agents
  • Full FTI training program & services
  • Turn-key business opportunity
  • Higher level of certification
  • Legal compliance training

Sell franchises by yourself or grow your own franchise brokerage.


"I almost bought with another group and found FTI instead.  I hit my two deals in six months and became a top producing broker the year after.  FTI was a great choice. " 

- Reggie Beason, Franchise Broker


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If you don’t take action, the only thing you will lose is the opportunity to start an incredible business that gives you everything you ever wanted.

  • An average of $28,502,484,532 is invested into opening new franchises each year
  • There is a franchise sold every 13.5 mins
  • Output from franchise operations is 757 billion dollars annually

Franchise Training Institute is an affiliate of the Franchise Brokers Association.

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