Making An Informed Decision

Module 7 • 2 Lessons

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Introduction to Franchise Brokering
Module 0 • 1 Lesson
The Advancement of Human Potential
Module 1 • 1 Lesson
Hurting vs. Healing People
Module 2 • 1 Lesson
Exploring Organizational Culture
Module 3 • 1 Lesson
Choosing Your Broker Network
Module 4 • 2 Lessons
Learning the Business Appraisal Wheel
Module 5 • 8 Lessons
FBA’s Distinctive Framework
Module 6 • 4 Lessons
Making An Informed Decision
Module 7 • 2 Lessons

In our final module, we invite you to reflect on your transformative experience throughout this course. Ponder a few pivotal questions that shape your future as a Franchise Broker. Discover the practical steps that bridge your aspirations with action, including connecting with FBA representatives, understanding the disclosure process, and anticipating an immersive training experience. As you stand on the brink of a new chapter, be prepared to embrace transformative leadership in franchising.

Lesson 1: Embarking on Your Extraordinary Journey

As we approach the end of this course, it’s time to reflect on your internal transformation and how much you’ve learned about this opportunity – and hopefully, yourself!

At its core, we hope your journey has covered more than becoming a Franchise Broker – but also about evolving from ordinary to extraordinary, and enabling the same transformation in others.

Your commitment and determination to reach this point is commendable. But remember, this career is a commitment to a significant cause: the Advancement of Human Potential, to help those who feel stuck, and to join a community fostering healing and growth.

This path isn’t always easy and comes with its own set of challenges. However, if you choose us, you’ll find support within our community of like-minded professionals who will help you reach heights you might not have thought possible.

We’re profoundly grateful for your decision to embark on this path, learn, and consider becoming part of our community. We hope to welcome you into our extraordinary ranks of Franchise Brokers.

Embrace this opportunity with a resounding YES and start transforming the world, one franchise at a time.

  1. How has your perspective on becoming a Franchise Broker changed or evolved since the beginning of this course?
  2. Are there any aspects of becoming a Franchise Broker that you’re still uncertain about? If so, what are they?
  3. How do you think becoming a Franchise Broker will impact your personal and professional life?
  4. How do you feel about the support and community we offer at FBA?
  5. Can you visualize yourself as part of this extraordinary group of Franchise Brokers, and how does that make you feel?
  6. Are you ready to commit to the cause of advancing human potential and assisting those who feel stuck in their career paths?

If you’ve resonated with this course and feel that this career path might be right for you, we’re thrilled and hope you take the next steps. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Connect with your representative: Reach out to your representative to discuss any remaining queries you might have. We’re here to provide answers and help you make an informed decision.
  2. Go through the disclosure process: As our sister company, FTI, is a federally registered business opportunity, we adhere to FTC guidelines and provide new Franchise Brokers (and some existing ones) with a disclosure document. This document offers an insight into our history and the offerings provided to you. It’s crucial to note that disclosure rules can differ by state, and the type of disclosure you receive depends on factors such as your experience, business’s legal structure, and state of residence. There are certain instances where no disclosure is provided because it’s not required for that situation.
  3. Review and sign the disclosure: Once you receive the disclosure, you need to review it for a minimum of 7 days before signing it. Please note, this signing is an acknowledgment that you received and reviewed the document – it’s not a purchase commitment. It’s essential to operate in full compliance as a Franchise Broker, and we adhere to the same standard.
  4. Welcome and Training Onboarding: After completing these steps, you’ll receive a welcome message granting you access to your training. Our Broker training manager will guide you through the onboarding process and support you throughout your initial training and beyond. You’ll be scheduled for the opening session of the next class where you will meet your trainers and classmates.

Our training is interactive, filled with real-world knowledge, practical application workshops, and case study examples. Our aim is to make you comfortable and familiar with the life of a Broker with the FBA. Our trainers are highly experienced and focus on building close relationships with new FBA Broker trainees. By the end of the program, you will have undergone significant learning and growth alongside your peers, setting the stage for a powerful collaborative experience.

We’re eager to help you grow into a powerful leader in franchising. Thank you for your attention, courage to learn, and explore something new. Above all, thank you for being you.

  1. Were we right? Do you have the answer about whether or not franchise Brokering is right for you, now that the course has ended. If so, what are you waiting for?