Exploring Organizational Culture

Module 3 • 1 Lesson

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Exploring Organizational Culture
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Have you ever thought of leadership styles like parenting? In Module 3, we highlight this unique comparison, looking into the profound relationship between leadership approaches and the resulting organizational culture. From authoritative to supportive leadership, we will share how these styles mold the environment, behavior, and eventual outcomes of a company. With FBA’s firm foundation in supportive leadership, this lesson underscores the emphasis on quality over quantity, the significance of fostering personal growth, and the essence of a purpose-driven business model.

Lesson 1: Leadership's Impact on Company Culture

Does organizational culture have the power to make or break a business?

At FBA, our response to this question is a resounding YES!

Culture within an organization is dynamic and shaped by the collective interaction of its members. As such, it’s essential to recognize the importance of aligning with an organization’s culture when considering long-term business partnerships – like buying a franchise or joining a Brokers Association.

To better understand organizational leadership, let’s draw an analogy: What if we compared organizational leadership to different styles of parenting?

Wouldn’t you agree that there are many types of parenting styles? From the overly strict and overbearing, to the lenient and trusting – each type influences a child’s growth and behavior.

Now, imagine if the same principles applied to how leadership styles shape an organization and its culture.

Like parenting, leadership approaches can range from authoritative to permissive to supportive. This influences how employees approach challenges, how satisfied they are with their work, and how they perform overall. 

And which style you thrive in will determine if we are ultimately the right fit for you.

We want to introduce you to three leadership styles and their potential impact on cultural dynamics. But rather than focusing on the label of each, consider how each environment would feel like.

  1. Authoritative Leadership: This style might lead to compliance but could also spur resistance due to its inflexible nature. While challenging, this style suits professionals who excel in a strict and highly-structured environment.
  2. Permissive Leadership: Offering broad freedom with few restrictions, this style can lead to innovation and self-reliance, but may also foster frustration and potential failure due to the lack of structure and support.
  3. Supportive Leadership: This style fosters trust, cultivates relationships, and offers insights for achieving business goals. Supportive leaders invest in the development of their team members, guiding rather than imposing, creating a balanced and productive culture.


Which leadership style do you think we adopt at the Franchise Brokers Association?

Yes, supportive leadership!

In Module 6, you will learn exactly how our program is designed to help our Franchise Brokers thrive in our community through our continued support – in training and beyond.

At FBA, we value quality over quantity. Some organizations prioritize a volume model, focusing on high numbers. This could mean they onboard as many franchise brands into their inventory as possible – Franchise Brokers, too.

This approach, however, often leads to a higher maintenance cost for preserving quality. 

On the contrary, a quality model emphasizes intensive training, support, and the selection of individuals who align with the organization’s culture and values.

Our commitment to quality means we consistently invest time, effort, and resources into developing our people. Although challenging, this model’s reward is the growth and success of our Franchise Brokers.

We firmly believe in the potential for greatness within each individual. We see our work as a calling to unveil this potential, support our team members in overcoming challenges, and help their talents shine.

What sets our business model apart is its clear sense of purpose and care for the people we interact with daily. Our goals align with those of our Brokers, encouraging mutual growth and success.

FBA’s culture is a vibrant blend of supportive leadership, a quality-oriented business model, and dedicated team members who believe in growth, quality, and integrity. We’ll introduce you to some of these exceptional individuals, who lead with heart, results, and intelligence – igniting the sparks that drive FBA’s success.

    1. Organizational Culture is Dynamic: Recognizing and aligning with an organization’s culture is crucial when considering long-term business partnerships. 
    2. Quality Over Quantity: We believe in a business model that emphasizes quality over quantity. This approach involves intensive training, support, and the careful selection of individuals who align with the organization’s culture and values – and thus we are selective of who we bring into the association.
    3. People and Purpose: FBA’s culture is characterized by a supportive leadership style, a quality-focused business model, and a team that believes in growth, quality, and integrity. The organization’s success lies in its dedication to its team members’ development and alignment of its goals with those of its Brokers.
  1. Have you ever been part of an organization where the culture didn’t align with your personal values? What impact did this have on your performance and satisfaction?
  2. How would you describe the organizational culture that you thrive in?