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Discover the essence of becoming a Franchise Broker beyond surface knowledge. This journey unveils our ethos, defining the career’s depth and responsibility, empowering you to make informed choices in the dynamic franchising realm. Whether transitioning careers or expanding knowledge, this module sets the stage for understanding the role’s significance.

0 – Introduction to Franchise Brokering

In this introduction, you’ll take the first step of your transformative journey, learning what a Franchise Broker really is (more than a Google search will tell you), uncovering the ethos of our organization and understanding the depth and responsibility of this career path. In doing so, you’ll be positioned to make a clear, informed choice about your place in the dynamic world of franchising. Whether you’re searching for a career transition or furthering your understanding, this module sets the stage for a profound exploration of what it truly means to be an FBA Franchise Broker.


What to Expect in This Course Preview Define Your Broker Identity Preview Reflection Questions: Introduction to Franchise Brokering

1 – The Advancement of Human Potential

When contemplating a new career, many gravitate towards tangible benefits like pay, culture, or societal prestige. However, in Module 1, we’re looking at Franchise Brokering beyond these conventional considerations. Dive deep into how this role not only reshapes your professional landscape but profoundly impacts those you interact with. Franchise Brokers champion the Advancement of Human Potential. Here you will uncover the symbiotic growth of both Broker and client, intertwined with the timeless wisdom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Prepare to view your potential career through a more profound, holistic lens.


Most People Feel Trapped How you, a Franchise Broker, help “untrap” people

2 – Hurting vs. Healing People

In Module 2, we explore the dichotomy of ‘hurting’ versus ‘healing’ mindsets. Understanding and embodying the ‘healing’ mindset is a cornerstone of successful, ethical Brokering. Through introspection and vivid scenarios, this module challenges aspiring Brokers to assess their core motivations and alignment, emphasizing that at FBA, we prioritize genuine client benefit over transactions. Discover where you stand and how your mindset can shape your impact in the industry.


Why Mindset Matters The Role Mindset Plays in Franchise Brokering FBA's Healing Philosophy

3 – Exploring Organizational Culture

Have you ever thought of leadership styles like parenting? In Module 3, we highlight this unique comparison, looking into the profound relationship between leadership approaches and the resulting organizational culture. From authoritative to supportive leadership, we will share how these styles mold the environment, behavior, and eventual outcomes of a company. With FBA’s firm foundation in supportive leadership, this lesson underscores the emphasis on quality over quantity, the significance of fostering personal growth, and the essence of a purpose-driven business model.


Leadership's Impact on Company Culture Quality Over Quantity: Business Models and Goals Key Takeaways: Exploring Organizational Culture

4 – Choosing Your Broker Network

Have you ever pondered the guiding principles of your professional path? Module 4 reveals what a day at FBA feels like, and dives into the deep-rooted core values that constitute our Association’s DNA. With five essential core values at our heart, reflective questions will challenge you to align and envision how these principles fit into your daily life. If you aspire to be an FBA Franchise Broker, this module offers a glimpse into whether our ethos aligns with your ambitions.


FBA's Core Values Envisioning Your Days with FBA Key Takeaways: Choosing Your Broker Network

5 – Learning the Business Appraisal Wheel

In Module 5, you will access a tool that will help you to evaluate any business. Our approach to the appraisal wheel will allow you to focus on vital facets like cost versus potential, overhead considerations, the significance of location, and the essence of scalability. As you navigate each lesson, you’ll transition from grasping theoretical concepts to honing tangible skills.


Mastering the Art of Business Evaluation The Cost vs. Potential Equation Overhead & Maximizing Net Profit Evaluating the Franchise Owner's Role “Location, Location, Location” The Role of Quality Support in Franchise Opportunities Is This Business Scalable? Reviewing Key Aspects of Business Appraisal

6 – FBA’s Distinctive Framework

In Module 6, step into the unique ecosystem of the Franchise Brokers Association. Here you’ll familiarize yourself with the diverse brands in our network, and understand what sets our training approach apart. Also, get insight into the significance of systematic operations in Franchise Brokering, as well as the nuances of franchise fees.


Categorizing the Brands in Our Network How FBA’s Training Program Differs The Importance of Systems in Franchise Brokering What Does the Franchise Fee Cover?

7 – Making an Informed Decision