Choosing Your Broker Network

Module 4 • 2 Lessons

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Choosing Your Broker Network
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Have you ever pondered the guiding principles of your professional path? Module 4 reveals what a day at FBA feels like, and dives into the deep-rooted core values that constitute our Association’s DNA. With five essential core values at our heart, reflective questions will challenge you to align and envision how these principles fit into your daily life. If you aspire to be an FBA Franchise Broker, this module offers a glimpse into whether our ethos aligns with your ambitions.

Lesson 1: Envisioning Your Days with FBA

Life is composed of individual days, and how we spend these days significantly impacts the overall quality of our lives.

We know your days are precious, so we aim to enhance them by helping you envision what they would look like as an FBA Franchise Broker.

In this module, we’ll align on our core values, which will help you understand the foundation of our Association.

The only thing we ask of you is that you hear and read each value and answer the reflective questions that follow each. Doing so will determine if you actively live these for yourself, and if you could see yourself implementing them in your business.

In many organizations, core values often remain abstract principles – they don’t impact decision-making or practices like they are intended to.

At the Franchise Brokers Association, however, we regard core values differently. We see them as the very DNA of our company – guiding our decisions, influencing our hiring strategies, shaping our performance, and permeating our culture.

These values form the moral compass that direct our path as we navigate the landscape of franchising.

Now, let’s look at each of our core values, reflecting on their significance and exploring how they can serve as guiding principles in our personal and professional lives:

In a world marked by constant change, the ability to drive rapid results becomes an invaluable asset. Through efficient measurement and evaluation systems, we transform feedback and opportunities into tangible, beneficial outcomes.

This principle is more about purposeful and productive actions than speed.

Ask Yourself: How have you been ensuring your actions drive rapid results in your daily life? Are there certain areas where you could accelerate progress without compromising on quality?

Every person carries a world of potential within them. Our responsibility is to recognize this potential and encourage its growth. At FBA, we actively choose to see and expect the best in everyone we interact with, cultivating an uplifting atmosphere that inspires people to be their best. In doing so, our community trusts that they will be supported regardless, so they can thrive as they elevated professionals we know them to be. In short, it’s giving the benefit of the doubt.

It’s easy to put yourself against someone, but when you stop trying to go against them and rather stride alongside them, you tend to have a better outcome.

Ask Yourself: How often do you see and expect the best in others in your daily interactions? Are there opportunities to amplify positivity and encouragement in your relationships?

In franchising, the ability to create and maintain an interconnected community is foundational. It’s quite literally what the industry is built off of. When new franchise owners onboard with a brand, they are joining a family. One that has withstood the trials and tribulations of business ownership, and their experience allows future owners to grow the brand with confidence. We do the same for all our members.

Ask Yourself: How are you contributing to creating an interconnected community in your current sphere? Are there opportunities to forge stronger connections and collaborations?

In any business relationship, trust is the glue that binds and reliability is the force that sustains. At FBA, we strive to always be the reliable partners our buyers seek – acting in their best interests, and upholding transparency in our communication. As healing people this core value is most important, when remembering that we are doing what is right for the buyer – not our bottom line.

Ask Yourself: How do you cultivate trustworthiness and reliability in your relationships? If these qualities need enhancement, where could you begin?

Making a difference is not about grand gestures but genuine acts of elevating others. It’s not waving a flag saying, “I’m doing something good!” Rather, it’s making choices everyday that serve yourself and others in a positive way.

At FBA, we strive to create a ripple effect of positive change, encouraging each member to not only be a leader but to nurture leadership in others. Every act, regardless of its scale, holds the potential to create an impact.

Ask Yourself: How are you striving to make a difference in your daily life? If your actions are not creating the impact you desire, where can you focus your efforts?

By incorporating these core values into your everyday routine, you’ll be embracing FBA’s ethos – an essential step towards becoming a successful Franchise Broker with us.

FBA’s core values – driving rapid results, seeing and expecting the best in others, creating an interconnected community, being trustworthy and reliable, and making a difference – are the DNA of the company, guiding all actions and decisions. As you consider joining FBA, reflect on these core values and how they align with your personal principles. These values are more than just words – they inform the actions and decisions that shape the culture and success of FBA, making it an empowering environment to learn, grow, and thrive.

  1. How do your personal values align with FBA’s core values?
  2. In what ways do you drive rapid results in your current roles or projects? Can you identify any areas for improvement?
  3. Can you think of a situation where seeing and expecting the best in others led to positive outcomes?
  4. How do you contribute to creating a sense of community in your current professional or personal life?
  5. What practices do you follow to be consistently trustworthy and reliable? How has this helped you build stronger relationships?
  6. Can you recall an instance where you made a difference, no matter how small, in someone’s life?