Becoming a Franchise Broker

7 Modules • Duration TBD

List of Modules

Introduction to Franchise Brokering
Module 0 • 1 Lesson
The Advancement of Human Potential
Module 1 • 1 Lesson
Hurting vs. Healing People
Module 2 • 1 Lesson
Exploring Organizational Culture
Module 3 • 1 Lesson
Choosing Your Broker Network
Module 4 • 2 Lessons
Learning the Business Appraisal Wheel
Module 5 • 8 Lessons
FBA’s Distinctive Framework
Module 6 • 4 Lessons
Making An Informed Decision
Module 7 • 2 Lessons

Are you a high-achieving professional considering a career shift into the dynamic world of franchising? This course was meticulously written to address the pressing questions and/or any hesitations you might have during this transition. But even so, what you will find in this program will pertain to more than just Franchise Brokering – it will tap into the depth of human potential, including your own. You will begin to understand it so much more.

What You'll Learn

Purpose and Potential
Dive deep into the essence of human potential. Recognize how, as a Franchise Broker, you can be a catalyst for change, enabling individuals to transcend their limitations and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

The FBA Culture
Discover the ethos that fuels FBA. We’re not just about facilitating business transitions. We’re nurturing a community that champions the right values, ensuring quality over quantity.

Are You the Right Fit?
FBA prides itself on its selectivity. Find out if your aspirations, values, and ambitions align with what we believe makes a successful Franchise Broker.

The Role of a Franchise Broker
Gain a high-level understanding of the pivotal role you’ll play. From understanding the appraisal wheel of a business to effectively guiding potential business owners, uncover the layers of responsibility and opportunity that come with the title.

Why This Course

You’re on the precipice of a significant career decision. You deserve clarity, understanding, and the confidence that you’re making the right choice. By the end of this course, you will have direction. Whether you decide to embrace the world of franchising or realize it’s not the path for you – you’ll step out informed, empowered, and ready for what’s next.

Join us on this enlightening journey, where every module is designed to offer insights, challenge your perceptions, and guide you towards the best version of your professional self.

The question isn’t merely, “Is this right for me?” but rather, “How can I harness my potential to make a difference in the world of franchising?

Your future in franchising awaits. Are you ready to unlock it?