What Are My Start-up Costs?

When starting a new company there are several cost factors to consider.  The primary ones are the expense of getting the business up and running, the ongoing expense of operating the business and the ongoing expenses for your household and lifestyle. Thankfully, the franchise broker business is very inexpensive compared to other business opportunities.  It is operated out of your home and uses many of the tools and services you already have set up, like your telephone, internet, and computer.  This allows you to control your expenses while setting up your business.

The Franchise Training Institute offers 3 different packages to choose from that include the majority of your startup expenses including your website, back office administration system, training, etc.  A chart of these services and prices is available upon request.

Outside of the start up package, the following are expenses you may incur.

Expense Name

Approximate Cost

Registration of Domain Names $10-$100/ yr
Computer $500-$1,000
Phone Service (VOIP Recommended) $50/ mo
Internet $50/ mo
State, County and City Licensing $350-$600
Virtual Office (Optional) $70-$150/ mo
Additional Marketing Expenses for 3 months.
(Recommended $2,000 per month after initial credit has been used)
E & O Insurance (Optional) $800-$1,300 Annually
Corporate Banding Package (Optional) $795

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