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Franchise Buyer Essentials

Have you considered franchising as an investment? With hundreds of brands out there, we found that not only are not all franchises created equally, but they are also vastly different.

Welcome to the course! I’m Sabrina Wall, CEO of the Franchise Brokers Association & Franchise Training Institute. With over a decade in franchising, we’ve mastered finding top franchises and safeguarding investments. Join us for this 4-part journey; quick, powerful, and worthwhile. Let’s dive in!


Franchising as an Investment Model

Curious about business ownership? Have you ever considered the franchise route? Many aspiring entrepreneurs turn to franchising, attracted by the promise of operating under a proven brand while still calling the shots.

From the surprising benefits of franchise ownership to the comparisons of startups that aren’t always apparent,

We’ve compiled an essential course to guide you through the lesser-known aspects of this business opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned business person or new to it all, these insights could reshape your understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur.