Franchise Training Institute

What does an FTI Franchise Broker Do?

Franchise Brokers guide their clients to the ideal franchise.

Assist your clients and find a franchise opportunity

Give your clients answers & clarity through the process

Use a businesses track-record to determine if they are good fit


You will navigate people to the ideal opportunity

The economy is strong and people have money to invest.  When they start looking at investment options franchising pops up, but picking a good franchise can be incredibly complicated. People just don’t know what they are looking at- or for.  

Often times consumers are lost and sifting through a lot of information without finding answers to their questions.  This is where a properly trained FTI Franchise Broker can help.  

They have invested in the tools and resources in order to properly assess franchise brands. 

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"This journey would never have been as smooth and pleasant without you. I am so excited to get started with my new franchise!"

Miriam, Franchise Owner


You will give your clients answers & clarity

People looking for a franchises have questions about:

  • Franchise success rates
  • Financial opportunity
  • Market viability
  • Competition
  • Values and skills match with the franchise system
  • and more

Clients can not find this information on their own.   The information is not available to the consumer market. 

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"I finally have a franchise that's perfect for me. When I first started looking I didn't know where to start, but in working  with you I knew I had a partner I could trust. Thank you for everything."

Paul, Franchise Owner


It is unethical to profit by selling BAD franchises

Because Franchise Brokers guide their clients on where to spend their life savings - it is absolutely essential that they know what they are doing.

Placing someone into a failing franchise can have a destructive impact on their life.

Shockingly, FTI is the only broker group that puts proper focus on a real-world franchise education and analyzing the franchises we represent.  Other groups actively train their Franchise Consultants NOT to look at a franchises track-record and performance.

With proper education and complete franchise data, our Brokers lead the way in best practices for franchise sales. This matters a great deal to your future clients.

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"Your knowledge, attentiveness, and care are second to none. I am new to franchise ownership and you took the time to walk me through the process to find just the right concept for me. I would highly recommend working with Franchise Brokers Association."

Tangular, Franchise Owner


We will train you to sell the GOOD franchises

  • Attract clients
  • Work through the objectives of the client
  • Find franchise matches that are ideal for them
  • Go through the research and vetting process of the franchise
  • Finalize the award process  

When FTI Franchise Brokers work with a client, the client immediately understands what value the FTI Franchise Broker can bring and moves away from researching on their own or working with other independent consultants or coaches.

The client has questions. We prepare our FTI Franchise Brokers with the answers.    

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Choose the path that is right for you.

Franchise Agent

  • Sells franchises under the support and leadership of a FTI Franchise Broker
  • Get the essential training to get started quickly
  • Access to the full (FLS) Franchise Listing Service & contracts
  • Access to weekly on-going mentoring programs
  • Access to Intl. Annual Conference & Franchise Expo in Orlando, FL

Sell franchises and be paired with a successful Franchise Broker.

Franchise Broker

  • Helps clients effectively purchase ideal franchises
  • Builds their team of Franchise Agents
  • Full FTI training program & services
  • Turn-key business opportunity
  • Higher level of certification
  • Legal compliance training

Sell franchises by yourself or grow your own franchise brokerage.


"Working with you has made a world of difference in this process. I cannot recommend any company higher. Hands down, you are the gold standard in this business!"

Cara, Looking for a franchise

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