What do Franchise Brokers Say About FTI

What are Franchise Brokers Say About FTI and FBA?

Here are some Testimonials the Company and Its Leadership Has Received

Sabrina is an outstanding leader in the business of franchise brokering. She has created the Franchise Brokers Association, attracted exceptionally strong leaders to join it, created excellent training and tools to enable our brokers to serve the needs of potential franchisees, and she personally delivers online training every week to help each of us to grow individually and professionally. Her commitment to excellence, honesty, integrity, and service to others is a role model for all of us. It is pleasure to have joined her association and I look forward to working with her and the FBA for a long, long time.
Jim Neumann
Sabrina has been excellent to work with. She is committed and passionate about her work. She delivers what is promised. She is very sincere and cares about each person she works with. I have been honored to meet her and am impressed with her overall integrity.
Gavin McCleary
Sabrina is one of the most accomplished industry professionals I know. With a combined purpose, focus, passion, dedication, and determination to her cause, her efforts are consistently second to none. Not to mention, a most sincere and genuine desire to always help others FIRST along the way. Like all strong leaders, Sabrina has surrounded herself with the best minds in the franchise industry to help support her vision. She listens carefully to their input and then ultimately makes an informed and purposeful decision for the good of her organization, and the industry at large. Sabrina and the FBA have clearly raised the bar and continue to bring a sophisticated level of credibility to all those aligned within the franchise industry as their profession. I am proud to be a member of the FBA and privileged to call Sabrina Wall a colleague and a friend.
Andy Lamedman
Franchise Pros International
Sabrina Wall is a wonderful, talented and giving individual, who is passionate about her career helping others to succeed. She is very informed within her industry, and is generous of her time to those who require her assistance. I give her my highest recommendation.
Thomas Wolter
In my 20+ years in “Corporate America” and my years owning a business, I have worked and interacted with a vast number of professionals. Sabrina ranks among the top of them. She possesses a high degree of integrity, business knowledge and a genuine compassion for others. The standards that she maintains add to her credibility and recognition as a consummate professional in the franchise industry. It is a privilege working with her and all those in the FBA and I would highly recommend her, and the FBA, to anyone.
Ed Barclay
Sabrina has been such a positive influence in my professional career since joining the FBA team. The vision Sabrina has for not just the FBA, but the entire franchise brokerage community, is one all should share and encourage. She is not just willing, but genuinely happy to provide ongoing tools, knowledge and experience to our members in efforts to improve their businesses and ultimately their lives. She strives to improve the lives of so many through business ownership and has done so with unprecedented ethics and enthusiasm. Her patient approach and willingness to share her insight and wisdom are characteristics all business owners should emulate. Sabrina has brought so much to the industry. That is what makes her such a powerful leader and is why I consider her such an astonishing mentor. Sabrina has created a company that is at the forefront of the industry and I couldn’t be more honored to be working with such an amazing individual!
Melanie A. Cook
I first met Sabrina when I joined the FBA in June, 2010. Immediately, she impressed me with her knowledge of the franchise industry and her own personal business accomplishments. Since then I have called Sabrina on numerous occasions for help or advice and she has always been willing to go the extra mile to help me reach my goals. I recommend that anyone considering involvement in the franchise industry talk to Sabrina before making any decisions or moving forward. Her knowledge and insight is invaluable.
Fred Hensley
First of all, I am just blown away with all the outreach. I never expected such help. You guys are all fantastic!
Rich Greer
Sabrina Carter is a true innovator in the world of franchising. She has put a tremendous amount of energy and effort to improve the franchise industry. Sabrina is one of the hardest working people I know. She is honest, intelligent and always trying to help others. I would recommend Sabrina’s services to anyone who is looking to start a business and/or thinking about a career in franchising. Sabrina is a core member of my network and I look forward to doing more business with her in the future.
Todd Weiss
Sunshine Consulting Ltd.
Sabrina is living proof that in today’s world, it is possible to “play by the book”, and still find success. She has created an organization that is 1st class, and has surrounded herself with the best of the best. She has created a culture at the FBA for which I have been longing. She is ethical, passionate, driven, and successful. She makes sure that everyone in this organization is provided the very best tools, the ongoing education, and the motivation to not just “close deals”, but to help people that may be at a crossroads in their lives, and to truly be a valuable resource for them. I could not be happier to be associated with this group, and with Sabrina Wall.
Ken Richter
When I met Sabrina Carter she was about 2 years into her franchise brokerage and all ready had made a name for her self! A go getter! Her name came up in every circle as a person to model after. She is the first person I go to for her perspective on issues and take her words of wisdom to the bank. She motivates me to stay focused and positive and real. She has surrounded herself with a quality team and that speaks volumes. She is a force to be reckoned with I can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish next! Thanks for everything Sabrina!
Michelle Mulligan
I have had the pleasure of working with Sabrina since the outset of the Franchise Brokers Association, and from my start as a franchise consultant. Sabrina has been an invaluable resource to me in my development and success. Sabrina brings a tremendous amount of energy and passion to her role as Executive Director of the FBA. She has done an incredible job in the creation of the organization and its continual growth over the years. She is a proven leader and is well respected within the franchise industry for her drive, persistence, creativity and integrity. Her contributions to the franchise industry are second to none.
Jim Russo
I have certainly benefited from her leadership and expertise in developing new concepts at FBA to help people like myself do our job better for our clients. Sabrina is very involved in making sure you are getting the benefits and results of her innovations. Sabrina will excel at whatever position or responsibility she commits to. Sabrina goes beyond her professional positions responsibilities to help and motivate members of Franchise Brokers Association
Gail Duncan
Sabrina Wall is an amazing professional to work with. She is driven to make a difference in the franchising world and in the short time since she created the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), she indeed has. With all of the opportunities out there to align ourselves with as franchise brokers, we are so thrilled that we chose the Franchise Brokers Association. Sabrina brings so much value to being a member of the FBA, from webinars, to tools and all kinds of resources that she keeps adding to, that I highly recommend that anyone thinking of joining the Franchise industry as a broker, as a Franchisor or as an affiliate, to align themselves with Sabrina and the FBA. It will be the best thing you ever did.
Paula Feig
I met Sabrina at a franchise show a couple of years ago. I was already a franchise broker with another network. I came away very impressed with Sabrina and the FBA and how they were trying to help educate franchise brokers. I have since joined the FBA and this is the training and support I had hoped to receive. Sabrina is the consummate professional in everything she does and she is highly recommended.
Bernard Hershbein
After interviewing with several franchise consultant groups I decided to join the franchise brokers Association and I have been a member for almost 2 years. Since each consultant group claimed to provide excellent training, outstanding customer service, personal mentoring and assistance after the training, I wanted to make certain the one that I got involved with would deliver what they promised. I believe that the founder of any company or organization establishes the foundation on which that entity is built. Sabrina’s vision for the FBA and all of the people it impacts and her dedication to the betterment of the franchise consultant profession through training, mentoring and providing tools that enhance a consultant’s effectiveness in helping people better themselves is unmatched. Sabrina and the FBA have exceeded every expectation that I’ve had and continue to do so. We all make decisions, some are good and some are not. I made a GREAT decision when I aligned myself with Sabrina Wall and the Franchise Brokers Association.
Dave Sullivan
Sabrina Wall has developed an extraordinary Organization; Franchise Brokers Association. I have been involved in the Franchising World for the last 11 years and have not met anyone more committed to growing an Organization than Sabrina. She has mentored a strong team whose goal is to help Franchise Consultants, by providing top notch training and support. She consistently looks to add new Franchise Companies so the Consultants have more potential opportunities to show their prospects. Sabrina is accessible and always interested in improving her own skills. Would highly recommend the Organization to Franchises looking to promote their Company or anyone considering being a Consultant.
Cliff Fostoff
Franchise Consultants International
Sabrina is a talented and knowledgeable executive director and takes her work seriously and is one of the hardest working people I know. She is a problem solver and gets to the root of any problems quickly and efficiently. I will always support her any way I can.
Fred Boris
I have known and had the opportunity to work with Sabrina Wall several times over the past ten years. Sabrina always gives a 110% and doesn’t settle for anything less from those around her. She brings drive, passion and integrity to the table to every project and brings out the best in those she works with. Sabrina’s can do attitude keeps projects on track and people motivated.
Brian McCrae
Sabrina is a true professional. She demonstrates a great passion for and understanding of the franchising industry and business consulting and brokering. Those of us in the FBA have benefited greatly from her vision, support, and dedication to make franchise consulting and brokering a valuable and successful arm of the franchising industry. My opportunities and business as a franchise consultant and broker is better today because of Sabrina’s hard work and accomplishments through the FBA.
Paul Capano
Sabrina nurtures her profession through best practices. She believes and is fully enveloped, dedicated, and passionate about her role as a trainer, educator, mentor, and business consultant in the franchising industry. It has been a pleasure to see success come to an individual who truly cares about others. If any client, franchiser, broker or consultant asked me to recommend a professional to help guide them towards making better business decisions Sabrina would be at the top of my list.
Joseph Pecchio
I have known Sabrina for a number of years as a member of the Franchise Brokers Association. I have always found her to be a great help to me as I set up my business in Ireland. I have found Sabrina to be a person of great integrity and an extremely hard worker. I would welcome the opportunity to work closely with her again in the future.
Tony Dignam
I’ve always enjoyed working with Sabrina. She is smart, hard working and always focused on her clients. I highly recommend her.
Kurt Behrenfeld
Sabrina is a professional. She follows-up and follows-through. Very thorough and patient, she is easy to talk to and understanding of the concerns of others.
Linton McKnight
Sabrina is a dynamo; She brings such energy, enthusiasm and hard work to the Franchise Brokers Association. I can always count on her to help me when I need information or advice. Sabrina truly cares about her partners and her clients and is always striving for excellency whether it be as a consultant, business owner or in her current position as Executive Director of the FBA.
Bob Bowers, CFP, CFB
Sabrina Wall is a true professional with great vision and a caring approach for all the members of FBA, the franchise consultants and franchisors. She continues to deliver high level franchise opportunities for my clients and provides my company with appropriate tools for marketing our services. She is also able to provide extremely well organized annual conventions to bring the parties together.
Jitendra Mehta
Being a member of the Franchise Broker’s Association, since 2009, I am honored to be a part of this great organization of fantastic consultants. Sabrina has faithfully lead this organization into a leading consultancy group, and I am proud to be part of it. Her outstanding leadership skills, commitment to excellence, in whatever projects she undertakes, and her world-class service, are the reasons I am committed to this group. Sabrina hires the best staff and knows the business fluently and strives to make the FBA a very reputable organization in the franchise industry. If you are looking to be a part of a great organization, I highly recommend the FBA, under Sabrina’s leadership. She has the utmost integrity and serves others with excellence.
Sue Bennett
When researching an association to be affiliated with as a Franchise Consultant/Broker, we spoke with many groups. After speaking with Sabrina Wall, we found that she and her association, Franchise Brokers Association, had the support network that we were looking for. During our validation calls on the other groups, we did not receive good comments on those groups. However, the validations on Sabrina Wall was nothing but the highest regard for her professionalism, enthusiasm, continuing support, and integrity. Sabrina is always available for us when we need her expertise or help with a client. She provides the consultants with weekly webinar trainings and with the highest level associates on her staff. She keeps her word and is always looking for ways to improve business for the franchise consultants. I would highly recommend Sabrina Wall and Franchise Brokers Association to anyone who is considering becoming a franchise broker/consultant.
Sally Studebaker
I have known and worked with Sabrina Wall for over 4 years. Sabrina is a very dedicated and ethical individual. Sabrina has done a fantastic job in her efforts with the Franchise Brokers Association to bring a level of credibility to franchise consulting that had not existed in the past. Prior to her founding of the FBA, the standards for franchise consultants was non-existent. Through her guidance the FBA developed a certification program that sets the bar for quality franchise consultants. I would recommend Sabrina without reservation.
Jim Aswell
Sabrina’s commitment to the success of others is nothing short of phenomenal. She is a smart, savvy businessperson, and was very helpful to me in getting my business started. She always treats others with respect and professionalism, and I have no reservations giving her my highest recommendation.
Frank Turner
WOW – I met Sabrina many years ago in her quest to establish the Franchise Broker Association – with a new mission to “raise the bar” of professionalism & expertise within the franchise brokerage community. Sabrina is a TRUE LEADER & INNOVATOR revolutionizing the broker community through superior basic training developed with the help of leading franchising, training & other experts. Sabrina’s FRESH ideas are reshaping the direction & expertise of franchise brokers. In this regards, she is truly setting new standards, opening new opportunities, & creating incredible value & ROI for FBA’s members. She enhances training with ongoing advanced training. For those striving for the pinnacle in training & expertise Sabrina has “raised the bar” via the option of a national certified training program to accelerate & improve results for experienced brokers. This is franchise’s 1st comprehensive certified training program developed primarily for ALL franchise brokers & development personnel regardless of group or other organizational affiliations. This certification differs from the IFA’s respected CFE designation by focusing on franchise brokerage, development, & sales processes. This distinction has generated rave reviews from members & FBA candidates. Sabrina’s goes beyond training. She implemented an FBA mandate requiring members to adhere to a Code of Ethics of professionalism not required by all. In addition, she goes WELL BEYOND others by developing advanced training, education, & resources to help member’s CANDIDATES AFTER they become business owners – increasing the value of using an FBA Broker. WELL DONE – A TRUE INNOVATOR & LEADER that has garnered her RAVES from members, colleagues & experts!!!
Larry Carnell CFE, CBI, CFB
Sabrina is truly the best at what she does. Her dedication and personal attention to her business partners at the FBA are incredible. She is an outstanding leader, motivator and mentor. I feel very fortunate that I’ve had the privilege to meet Sabrina and be part of her family at the FBA. Thank you Sabrina, you’re the best!
John Blanchet
Sabrina is truly dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the people involved in the Franchise Brokers Association and the franchising industry. She is a wonderful leader and constantly strives to better herself and the FBA. Her weekly forums are incredibly useful and timely, she welcomes feedback and is always available for questions. I highly recommend Sabrina and the FBA.
Katy O'Connor
After closing his first deal, Randy said this to our Broker Relations Manager, “It was all due to the great training and grilling you gave me during the practice presentations. Your awesome!!
Randy Adams
Genesis Franchise
Sabrina Wall, with the FBA, is definitely the person to contact if you are considering buying a franchise, turning your business into a franchise, or becoming a franchise consultant. Her knowledge and passion about the industry is unparalleled.
Brock Porterfield
Sabrina’s desire to help others is unmatched. Her leadership at Franchise Brokers Association has created an environment of helping others succeed. Sabrina’s professional contributions to the franchise community is appreciated by the entire industry. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to learn teamwork when working with Sabrina.
Barry Burke
Hi have known Sabrina for 3 years now. In that 3 years I can say with the utmost confidence that she has helped my business prosper. In fact I can say that if not for her help and that of her organization I would not be as successful as I am today. She is as honest and hard working individual you will ever meet. I certainly am grateful for all she has done for me and my business.
Al Lesko
I have met very few people like Sabrina. Sabrina is caring, giving and genuinely interested in the success of others. She is driven and is a true leader. Her personality is infectious and I’ve been privileged to be an associate of hers.
Duane Anderson
When Sabrina Wall called me several years ago to discuss her efforts to form a Franchise Brokers association, I was immediately impressed by her intelligence, passion and energy. Since that time I have watched her work tirelessly to bring together the best of the best in the franchise profession to create the most dynamic and effective broker organization in the business today. Sabrina brings huge integrity, outstanding commitment to doing what is best for the brokers and incredible focus to her mission. I have the privilege of working with her on this mission as well as learning from her vast experience in coaching other brokers. I am fortunate to be a part of the FBA and thrilled to know her as a colleague.
Terry Sullivan
Sabrina Wall runs the Franchise Brokers & Consultants Association, which I joined after extensive research and interviews of all the franchise networks. I started by traveling to Orlando for the 3-day FBA training, and quite frankly had rather low expectations of what I might learn after 28 years in the corporate sales & marketing world. I was pleasantly shocked! Sabrina professionally led very comprehensive training and was extremely buttoned up and organized. Dozens of classroom modules supported with comprehensive materials to hit the ground running post training. I highly recommend Sabrina and the FBA over other ‘heavily advertised’ networks.
Tom Nilsen
My company provides bookkeeping services for Sabrina Wall at Franchise Brokers Association on a weekly basis. What I’ve noticed about Sabrina the most is her dedication to her business partners, clients and employees. She surrounds herself with a team that includes different areas of expertise, so that she can provide the very best service to franchisors and franchisees alike. She truly wants to see them grow and excel, and takes their well-being very seriously. Sabrina has a kind heart, and often takes the back seat to see others excel. Sabrina and FBA are top notch.
Cheri Yandell
I have worked with Sabrina Wall for almost a year. I had the opportunity to work with other Franchise consultant networks, but chose Sabrina and her company, Franchise Brokers Association because of her knowledge of the industry, her high integrity and the high level of support and training her company provides. Sabrina has provided me with the tools and constant support that is needed to become successful in this industry. I look forward to our continued business affiliation with Sabrina and the Franchise Brokers Association.
Roger Studebaker
FBA under Sabrina’s guidance has become a unique support system for franchise consultants and franchisors alike! Sabrina is professional and creative. It is always a pleasure to be associated with her and her team!
Gayle Longmore
I have worked with Sabrina on several different projects through the F.B.A. and I am always delighted and motivated by her enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, professionalism and determination to reach the end goal utilizing the highest standards. Through the utilization of programs that Sabrina designed I have been able to enhance my performance and sharpen my “best practices” and help create opportunity for many, many clients. Sabrina is at the top of our profession, if you have an opportunity to participate in one of her programs or communicate with her; I would suggest taking advantage of the situation.
Andrew Aronson, CFB
Sabrina is the most caring and professional consultant I have ever worked with. Her dedication to the franchise industry is second to none. I’ve seen first-hand her desire to help people be as successful as possible. Sabrina’s brainchild is the Franchise Brokers Assoctation (FBA), which is a wonderful group of people organized to aid franchise consultants in their business pursuit. Sabrina spends countless hours every day working and planning on ways to help these very consultants, and better the franchise industry. I’m very thankful to know and work with Sabrina!
Rich Walinsky
I’ve known Sabrina Wall for many years. Sabrina’s success simply comes through the education and training she provides, and the years of experience she has within the “Business Consultant Community.” She has put forth her, knowledge, education and most importantly her devotion into the developing the Franchise Broker Association. I highly recommend the Franchise Broker Association to entrepreneurial men and women entering into a new career as “Business Consultant”. The extreme value the Franchise Broker Association, has brought to Tenet Financial Group is, the pleasure of being a part of an amazing association and the ability to work with professional and highly educated “Business Consultants”.
Mona Janes
Sabrina is a well organized young lady. Always the professional in every way..She is a leader in her work and well respected. Willing to go the extra mile for everyone. If I ever needed some help with a candidate she would be right there for me. Can’t say enough about Sabrina, just a wonderful person,wife and mother.
Lynn Gerber
I believe that if you look up the term ‘hard working’ in the dictionary, you will find Sabrina Wall’s name under the definition. Not only is Sabrina dedicated to her position, her company and her employee’s, she will take whatever time is needed to assist fellow Franchise Brokers. The reason the Franchise Broker Association is the ‘place to be’ in franchising is because of the high standards of integrity and continual communication modeled by Sabrina. She is continually educating herself and others to assure that they will be the best that they can be. Even though I am many years senior to Sabrina, she is my role model. To keep in mind ‘what would Sabrina do’, then do it is a sure recipe for success and honor.
Kip Garwood-Tull

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